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Don’t Every car owner want to maintain his car in the brand-new position and never wishes to get it scratched or dented ever! You too must be wanting the same. But accidents be it major or minor are simply unpredictable and that’s why it is said, “prevention is better than cure”. The first-class paint protection is the shield provided by SAFA to the car’s exterior, which prevents it from unwanted dents, scratches or stone chips, and minor abrasions. This protective layer of paint protection film which is nearly invisible is applied to the body of the car to maintain its exclusivity, shine, and grace.

Car Paint Protection Film

Why Need Car Paint Protection Film Dubai At All?

Made with high-quality and protective material, this car protection film also prevents the car’s paint from the chemical reactions caused due to excessive heat or UV rays of the sun which may result in the fading of the car’s original color. This paint protection film has a specific element of maintaining the novelty of your vehicle in the best possible manner. We, at SAFA, understand the worth of your vehicle and are aimed to provide you with the best-class car-care services in Dubai, and these car protection films are among the top-recommended by our experts. The external environment and the weather condition are not predictable and hence you cannot plan your car’s protection. Hence, by applying this paint protection, you can ensure that your vehicle is not going to lose its originality whatever be the case for this we will take care of the perfect paint protection film in Dubai.

Reliable Car Paint Protection Shields in Dubai

The car is more than just a transportation medium, it is an investment that pays off returns in the form of several benefits. It is quintessential to provide all-around protection to your car and that’s why paint protection are commonly used. Dubai has a harsh climate in summers with a temperature of more than 50 degrees Celsius which ultimately puts a huge impact on the car’s paint and polish making it look dull. Hence, you need to opt for a reliable paint protection film that can help you keep your car’s shine and color as-it-is even if your car stays below the sun for a full day.

At SAFA, we provide the world-class 3M paint protection film in Dubai which is designed with advanced technology to protect the car’s paint from fading due to sunlight. 3M is the most popular brand in terms of window tinting and car-care solutions, and SAFA is the authorized auto-care dealer in Dubai; with the combination of these two exclusive brands, you can definitely ensure complete protection of your car.

Application of Car Paint Protection Film in Dubai

The usage of the paint protection is exclusively for the purpose of protecting the car’s paint from damage. The car paint protection film is installed on the outer body of the car which is exposed to the sunlight and the harmful UV rays which come along with the heat of the sun rays. This film acts as a shield and prevents the UV rays and sunlight from harming the car’s paint and shine to maintain its novelty and beauty. The entire process of installing the paint protection window film is very easy and does not consume much time. The experienced professional staff members at SAFA get the installation of the car paint protection done in very little time without affecting the originality of the car.

Why SAFA? - Authorized Car Care Centre in Dubai

Nothing can be better than availing the services from the authorized dealers or service providers. We, at SAFA, hold the authorization to provide top-class automobile services in Dubai. We use the world-class 3M car protection films for preventing your vehicle from external damage of any kind, and ensure that you never lag behind in maintaining the sophistication and originality of your car to let it remain brand-new. Our team of professionals is well-trained in the application of the paint protection film, and other auto-care services and hence, we ensure that your car will be pampered like a guest at our store.

  • Sun Protection

    Sun Protection

    The car’s paint is safeguarded from the excessive heat and UV or infrared rays of the sun which ultimately prevents the fading of the original paint of your vehicle.

  • Long Lasting

    Long Lasting

    Once applied, the paint protection film need not get to be replaced so frequently. They last longer and provide the all-round protection to your car with high durability.

  • Invisible


    The paint protection film applied is not at all visible and does not vary the original shine, color or grace of your car’s external body at all.

  • Easy Application

    Easy Application

    The installation and removal procedure of this car protection film is very convenient and does not harm the car’s original body in any way.

  • Budget-Friendly


    The cost element of the car paint protection film is absolutely very pocket-friendly. You get the best protection of your car even at your small budget.

  • Reliable


    By applying the world-class 3M car paint protection film, we ensure that the application is highly reliable and guaranteed leaving no window for chaos or confusions.

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